Creative Offerings 






Call to schedule days/times:  240-899-4193




We'll explore our inner world through yoga,
     meditation, music, and connecting with nature . . . 


You'll be guided through vinyasa yoga flow routines and        
      meditations, and with practice, will learn to trust your
           intuitive mind/body connection . . .


Through a comfortable, open environment, small class
        sizes, you'll relax, have fun and create community. 


              Small group classes (maximum 4):   $20    

              Private, half hour session:                  $35

              Private, hour session:                         $60

              Traveling yogi (I'll come to you)        Call

Yoga & Mindfulness






Compassion for self and others. From that place, the possibilities are limitless.
When we connect with our creative spirit, we will be happier.

We can take that joy into all areas of our lives.